Sunday, January 22, 2012

crochet recipe

First - I know - they aren't called recipes - but my brain calls them recipes just the same.

I've decided to make toques with the yarn my grandmother never used.  Hit a rough spot yesterday when I found a slipper she'd made - but never made the second one.  A few tears... then moved on...  there is piles of yarn - in every colour you can think of - so I'm making toques and if you want one - just let me know - you can post a note and I'll gladly make you one.  I'm just going to keep making them and then drop them off to the homeless shelter or wherever...

Anyways... so I'm following the 'recipe' in the book I have and I get to a point in it that I'm thinking - gees - this is a big toque but maybe the edges get softened and it will all work out... sadly... no and so I finished this toque and have plans to now market them to the smart car people as car covers :)  Let the laughter begin!  Turns out that the 'recipe' is for giants - I took 20 stitches off and now have toques that fit my head - nearly finished the second one - I'll post it tonight... and seriously - if you want a toque - I'm totally into making one and mailing it to you -you'll be helping me celebrate my grandma's love of making stuff for other people and also helping me clean up since the yarn takes up a pile of space.

xo - love to you!


M said...

Can I have three but in different sizes and colours one for me, one for the Man and one for my little man? I think I would need one the same size as you, the man would need a bigger one cause he has a big head and the little man would need a child size maybe a small one, but if it fits on MJ's head it will fit the little man. Please and thank you!!!

Jen said...

Did you want to take part in a mystery afghan knit or crochet thing? Some aussie friend was posting (fb) and someone invited her. I got the link for my sister, and now I got it for you (because that was easy to do and instead of typing about where to find it...) Could be interesting for someone, simply because "it's mysteeeeeerious!"