Friday, January 13, 2012


Yesterday I got to shake the Premier's hand.  She is a good speaker and she had super cute heels (really, she did).  That's about all the good things I can say about yesterday - other than going to winner's and buying some cute yoga shorts - a first for me.

Here is what I don't like - I don't like that we are only thinking about the short term.  That we aren't thinking about fifty or one hundred or hundreds of years of human life and that we are not focusing on innovation and intelligence.  A direct quote from the speech yesterday was excitement over mining and how people will have stable jobs for 10 years and it wasn't like it was just matter-of-factly said - it was hopping, skipping, jumping let's get are GD'n MF'ing cheerleading gear on and do a cheer for 10 years of work - WHAT!  WHAT!  What the hell kind of planning is that?  

We must all be the change.  We must have a culture of innovation and be really thinking about how to live smart.

China's middle class is going to explode - 180 cities the size of Vancouver will be built and lived in by rural Chinese in the next 15 years - 15 years - that's 300 million people migrating from their rural homes to large cities looking for the american life - with more, more, more (ok - it's a Canadian life too) and the mining and forestry companies are jumping up and down (pompoms in hand) because China can't support that kind of development they need Canada - they need us to strip everything off the face of BC and especially Northern BC and send it to China so they can build... great... so what happens when it is all gone.  Minerals do not re-grow themselves.  Oil and gas does not replenish itself, trees take time to grow - like 80 years of time - we are going to ship everything we have to a developing nation and then be have-not, have-nothing and be migrating ourselves to China, India and Russia.

And one more thing - for all the people pissed off about Enbridge - you should really, really, really do your homework - this is only one of many, many pipelines being proposed.  I'm still trying to figure out why Enbridge is having problems when the others aren't but it really isn't the only one that is going to cut across BC and out to the ocean to make giant profits for corporations and leave our province rich while they are here and operating and penniless and without resources when they leave - again - LONG TERM PLANNING!  All levels of government need to be thinking this way.  Let's have a future for ourselves and our children and their children and so on.

Very long, loud sigh!

End rant... for now - we'll see how today goes.

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