Monday, January 16, 2012


Ok - I need to vent.

This morning didn't start out well... I slept really really poorly and nearly fell on the floor - multiple times... guess I was trying to walking around the house.  Then Kyle wakes me up at 6 with - why are you sleeping on the couch... fine... so I'll stop sleeping on the couch... fine...

It is cold here - and I'm a big boob now and the cold just gets to me - I'm sitting nearly on a heater as I write this to you - so since the cold gets me I tell the kids to please get ready with all their winter stuff.  Michael looks like he is ready for early fall with a little hoodie and some little gloves and Kyle doesn't get dressed at all - insert laughter - of course I wasn't really in a laughing mood this morning and so then I show them (again) where all the winter stuff is and then I dress Michael because he is pre-occupied with other things plus I keep getting - it can't be that cold - 'mmmoommmm' - right - I parked my vehicle inside last night - something I've NEVER done... NEVER... anyways - Michael is ready - I pack his snow pants so he can wear them after school and then Kyle wonders over and ... do you remember when Joey and Chandler got in a fight and Joey's retaliation was to put on all of Chandlers clothes - commando style - well that's kind of how Kyle looked plus he was wearing snowmobile goggles - awesome...  and finally we leave the house and then I get this... -wow it is cold... gawd!

Anyways - I can sit here and laugh about it now but I really came on here this morning for was to complain about Tim Hortons - I needed to pick up some stuff at the top of the hill for the office and realized that nothing was open so I stopped and grabbed some tea at horny tim's and guess what... they are changing the sizes - so now you can get extra small (the old small), small (the old medium), medium (the old large), large (the old extra large) and extra large - the new 24 oz coffee... really - oh, and we aren't going to charge you more for the sizes (yet) but really - why do they need to do that - you can already get a refill for a reduced price - am I missing something - have the other coffee companies already done this and because I pretty much only go to horny tim's and starhumps that I just don't know any better... anyways - be forewarned - when you go to order your extra large steep tea double double you will be signing up for a lot more than you probably bargained for - :)

And now to do some work and prep for some fun stuff happening over the next two weeks!

Happy Monday :)


ps. and no word of a lie Kyle's cough which finally left - came back, Michael wasn't feeling good and I took as much cold fx you can take to keep all the pool koodies off of me... stupid dumb pool water... I gave Kyle some herbal stuff to go to school with and am hoping that Michael will rebound... blah... 

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