Friday, January 20, 2012

last night didn't happen

I went for a run - and I kept on running.  The best part of running is listening to my body go - hey - this feels pretty good - look how far you've come - it wasn't that long ago that I absolutely dreaded running and just wanted to find an excuse to not go.  Last night I put in 8km - longest run in a while and then did TRX (what's TRX?)  Actually I broke up the run - I did 5 km, TRX for 30 minutes and then another 3 km - I just didn't want to go home last night.

Sadly I pulled a muscle in my back last night, which I knew I'd done and will now ease off on back exercises for a while - definitely don't want to make that worse.  On top of that I'm getting a chest infection - I've got this raspy sound when I exhale hard - it is gross, but I'm going to be just fine and need to remain upbeat and positive because nothing good comes from being sad and down.

Well I just needed a break from what I'm working on and I'll now get back to work - putting a bid package together.  I'm thinking of just sending in - of course your event should be in Quesnel - you'd be stupid to run it anywhere else :) - ok not so much...

xo love to you!

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