Tuesday, January 24, 2012

oh the adventures

Today I went to Prince George.  It was super windy...

That is the snow being blown across the road - little did I know how much this exact spot in the road was going to play a role in my day. 

PG was the same as always I had some errands to run and a meeting and then I turned around and came back.  So in the photo you can see that the hill crests up ahead - so I'm driving back for another meeting and find this...

I'm looking at it as I come over the hill and then I see what I don't really want to see - someone inside.  So I pull over and check on him.  He looks okay and then he says help has been called he'll just wait by his car.  So I'm like.. oh ok and I head back to my car.  And then I see him crouching to get out of the wind because you see - this was the very same spot that I'd taken the picture in the morning showing how windy it was... so I get out again and say - hey - why don't you sit in my car.  He finally agrees.  He is freezing - his hands look like ice.

After about 15 minutes three cop cars show up - lights ablazin', one with sirens - and then he goes on his merry way.  So while he is sitting in the car he tells me that he came over the crest of the hill touch the edge of a snow drift - and there was a big one on the road there and then with the wind it just flip his car on its roof.  It was madness.  He said that he slowed down.  And then... while we are sitting there a Telus van comes up and he asks to use their phone because he wasn't sure if the first person that stopped and said they'd call 911 actually had and I had no cell service.  So he hops into the telus truck and calls and as he does this a green mini van comes up to me and she is livid.  She shouts at me - tell that idiot to slow down - he passed a bunch of us - as if I'm the freakin' police or something... and seriously - he isn't going to be driving anywhere fast now.... if he was speeding I'm sure he learned his lesson... I felt awful enough for the guy - his car is hooped and I honestly think if he hit that drift the right (wrong) way the wind would have tossed his little KIA...

Anyways - so that was my big adventure for the day.

And now... off to make crepes.


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