Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So I'm in Lillooet again - regional meeting in the morning/afternoon - and at 2:45 I woke up... I'm freezing, this is because I can't sleep with the heater on because it is sooo loud, but then I couldn't sleep because some work stuff is bugging me... really really bugging me because I couldn't get back to sleep... I've managed to nearly finish what was bugging me, but all the same I'm not sleepy now... arg!

And since I'm up and can't sleep I thought I better write about it on here. Not a very exciting post... I'm surprised by the whole thing because something from work hasn't never bugged me so much to wake me up and then keep me up... alright - well I'm going to try again to make my eyes close for a few more hours... meetings start in just 3.5 hours and it would be nice to get 2 more hours at least...

arg... no luck with the sleeping... now it is nearly 4... blah... blah, blah, blah

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