Sunday, January 24, 2010


I made it back from beautiful Lillooet. I was in the mood for a run and did a great loop that takes you through their downtown, over an old footbridge, along the highway and then back up Station Hill and to the hotel... I had it in my head that it wasn't that far.. turns out it was 9km... it was good though... here's where I realized I was going on a run that was longer than I'd thought.... I'd already been at it for 40 minutes when I got to this sign...

Friday was hectic, and I took a day off from running and then Saturday my knee kind of gave out... after some advil though I just wanted to get going again... so I did a 4km up to the rec centre to meet the guys after swimming. It was minus seven and I still went - I think there is something wrong with me... I've never really enjoyed running/walking - I mean I enjoyed it but I wasn't like - holy - I need to go... or *gulp* I want to go... pardon? This morning my knee is sore and now my hip is whining... but I still want to go for a run - it is sick... getting to run outside in Lillooet was great - it was so beautiful and quiet.

Anyhow - me and the guys are going to pick our menu for the week and get going with our day. I need to go and get soy so I can have some coffee....

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