Sunday, January 24, 2010

a laugh

Tonight I'm giving Michael a bath and he starts gabbing about his swimming lessons.

"Mom, we played in the little pool and then we went in the cold water pool. It is cold. I had to put my face down in it."
Then he shows me what he did, but he's got a little smerk on his face. So I ask...
"What... did you pee in the pool?" I chuckle.
"Mom, I didn't pee in the cold pool.... but I did pee in the warm one."
And then he busts a gut laughing - and instead of saying - you shouldn't do that I laugh so hard that I snort.

Oh man, he is so funny. And yes, we will review not peeing in the pool - 'cause yes I know that that is nasty... but as if he is the only one...

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