Saturday, April 24, 2010

last night

Alright my fabulous family and beautiful (sexy, even) friends :)

Tonight I went to BARENAKED LADIES - and no, this doesn't mean I had a hand full of dollah bills, it means that I got to see my favorite band.. and I got to be in the 6th row on the freakin' floor and sing and sing and sing - it was fantastic! And I'm not talking a little fantastic - it was giant, exploding fantastic!

So here I am after the show in my hotel room - dawning my new shirt - hooray!

Today I had some free time and got to see Halifax - there is some pretty cool shopping and the best farmers' market I've been to in all of Canada! Unbelievable! I'm all about markets and that place is amazing!

So what else... well I took a few other pictures... (just a few... lol)

Ok - so I will share one more little story... so I went to get something at the drugstore across the street - drop off some more postcards - and walk around... ho hum... walking, walking, walking... um hold the freakin' phone - that is Tyler from Barenaked Ladies - I kid you not... but just to be sure... I walk by him again... and again...

I say nothing, because what do you say to celebrities... I know.. just a week ago Paula and I stalked Adam Sandler - but he was in a car and he totally could have done up his windows and ignored me... Tyler was actually shopping and really looking for something... so I didn't want to be a jackass and bug him. So then I take my time buying stuff and yes... friends - he totally joins the line - so I'm standing in line with Tyler - aaahhhhhhhhhh! Alright - so I go outside and tweet about my experience and then take my very sweet time walking out... I let him catch up... then I go outside and off he goes for the show... and then I see him on stage from my sixth row seat - well where I was standing from. And now it is nearly midnight here and I've got to catch a cab at 5:30am. Love to you - love and hugs and smooches.

Oh wait - one addition - so the ticket clearly said - no cameras or video equipment - so I bring nothing - I know - I'm retarded... but I haven't been to a concert in a while and I don't want my camera taken away from me - so I'm stuck using my cell phone for photos... and of course - we get in there and everyone has GD'n cameras... so here is one photo from the concert - but it sucks - it was, however, unbelievable to be soo close.

Ok - wait - one more story from the show (this isn't G-rated). This nice older couple sits next to me - late 50's/early sixties... they are nice and chatty and talk about other concerts they've been to - then the woman swears a bit - which I just roll off... people swear - then the older guy starts dropping the f-bomb .. ok - so I'm listening a little... they are just having fun... about 20 minutes later a "cute couple" (like the ones on my flight to Hawaii) are taking photos of themselves - lots and lots and lots of photos - I mean - at least 50... and so the old guy next to me says - wow that guy is so getting a BJ tonight - so I totally start howling - because - who says that... not old guys at a BNL concert - so being the arse that I am - I agree... because it made it funnier... I'd share another story from someone else we heard talking at the concert but it has waaaayyyyyy too many curses and terrible things to share... nearly embarrassing to repeat :)


Carmen said...

OMG. I am so jealous. First Maui, then BNL???

And you totally should have jumped Tyler. He would've appreciated it. I know that for a fact!!

april said...

I should have said something... I couldn't believe it - he was there buying razors... it was awesome!

It was definitely different without Steve, but they are doing great - the new songs are good and their show was great - lots of fun rapping and audience participation! They didn't play Enid - which I totally wanted to hear - but they did Million Dollars and some of the old good ones...