Sunday, April 04, 2010


"Mom, are we doing the easter egg hunt?"

Yes, but later.

"Why later?"

Well it was minus four this morning so the Easter bunny asked me to put the eggs out for him once it warmed up - he said it was too cold for him to put the eggs out and too cold for you to go hunting.

"Really, but I didn't hear you talking to him."

You were sleeping.

"oh... ok."

So that was our easter - this year I really didn't get a lot of chocolate - some but not tonnes and then the guys got some new lego - which is really a lot better for them than chocolate and they certainly appreciate that more. In fact, I don't know that I'll even do an easter egg hunt next year. I know the history of the easter egg hunt and why it started, but it doesn't need to be a big deal... or for me it doesn't... I like doing scavenger hunts with the guys - they love it - but it can be any time..

Today we also moved the guys room around - Michael asked for his bed to be moved. So I did that and then we purged toys. It is funny how I'm more attached to some of their toys than they are. There is one toy that both of the boys have enjoyed. Thomas the truck - why thomas - well I named the toy that because I didn't get to name Kyle Thomas. That's right - that was the name I really wanted. I told this to my father in law and he repeated it but when he said it, with his accent, it sounded like 'dumbass' and so that was the end of naming Kyle Thomas - I still really love that name though. Absolutely top five favorite names.

Tomorrow we are going on a short road trip - then back to work on Tuesday.

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