Thursday, April 08, 2010


Tonight was pretty uneventful - we watched Sherlock Holmes - it was decent - I sat through the whole thing - so that should say alot - but wait... what would this place be without a story about the guys... what could have happened today... ahhhh...

Um, so April there was an incident here today.

"Oh... Kyle (pause) what happened to your face?"

Well April, you see Kyle was bugging Michael and he grabbed his toy, and well.. then Michael kicked him in the face.

Wow - that is some brotherly love - Michael kicked him right on the cheek bone and his skin is a little roughed up there and he'll probably get a black eye. Good times.

Oh and on the girly girl front, I got gel nails today. This is something totally new to me - they look pretty special but they actually hurt to put on. I kid you not, that they apply one coat of stuff, then you stick your nail under UV light and then the light causes a chemical reaction that actually caused my fingernails to feel like they'd been dipped in lava - it freakin' hurt - now I didn't cry, but it hurt worse than my tattoo.

And there you go, I'm heading to bed - I'm beat... hugs and kisses to you :)

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