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One of my favourite bloggers, Carmen, showcased her favourite stuff from pinterest recently.  Andy and I were looking at the blog post and both agreed the above recipe was worth trying based on the photo...

Joy does a great job of explaining the recipe and showcasing information.. but being in central BC versus cooking in Los Angeles (where she hails from) created some differences in the baking process - or I'm hoping that was what caused the issues.

Baking notes...
1. Joy is a real baker - I am not
2. She makes very funny comments in her recipe advising you to not worry - you are doing it right - I definitely had fear in adding sooo much sugar and if I make it again I'll add less - it was good the way she has it but in my oven it exploded over the top and caused a big mess
3. When my dough proofed it made it considerably thicker dough, even when rolled out to the specifications that Joy notes - which meant that I probably could have proofed two smaller loafs
4. Her photos are pretty and make the loaf look small and delicate - my loaf was giant - some pieces were giant, some didn't grow as much - so I ended up with a yummy, oddly shaped loaf - looks meant nothing - it was devoured in a day and half (we have company)
5. I used skim milk instead of whole milk and yes - it still remained yummy
6. Making cinnamon bread this way meant that you also didn't have to eat a whole cinnamon bun and could just have a piece - but good luck only having one piece as it is yummy
7. Read, read, read the instructions - I was totally going to complain about one piece of the recipe and when I re-read it found that I was in the wrong... note to everyone - let this thing rest in the loaf pan as noted - I removed it very quickly and have a something between a 2nd and 3rd degree burn on my thumb from it - the sugary yummy goodness is molten lava when it comes out of the oven and caused an immediate blister and is now a permanent crater on my thumb - dumb (here is where I was going to insert a photo but I won't.. it is gross and I'm stupid)
8. Time - the recipe says 30-35 minutes - mine took nearly an hour to bake at 350 - I wouldn't suggest increasing the temperature, just to have patience and monitor the baking process so you don't burn it, but also get the centre cooked

Joy's fantastic recipe...

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