Sunday, August 28, 2011


What about Sunday?

Well it was a busy day - I bought a new iMac for the office and I'm pretty sure it is going to be like Christmas morning at the office tomorrow.  I went and picked up some more of my favourite tea from David's - forever nuts :) ... I know - it is a hilarious title for a tea... because really - really... you could kind of take that a couple of ways... oh wait - right there are nuts - like pecans and almonds in it.. ok.. well if you didn't know better.

And tonight... we kicked it!
Kyle rocked it on drums (which is usually my instrument choice)

Since I was kicked off drum duty I sang my lungs out - it was great! An excellent energy burner!

Michael was kind of put off by all of it and then after we rocked out two songs he jumped and played guitar! It was great! Sadly no crazy photos of me singing... sorry... I know - you are all so heart broken - lmao. 

And.. it's post secret sunday - head there for the latest postcards! 

hugs and smooches to you! have a great week ahead - I seem to be on the rebound with photo taking so watch for more this week - xo 

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