Saturday, August 27, 2011

best find of the day

This is the book I found today. I've been looking for a copy for years. (Fairies by Lee and Froud)

I won a Speech Contest in grade 7 and I received a gift certificate to Carryall books - I bought a journal that was illustrated by Lee and Froud and I've searched for a copy of the journal every since... the journal got me through some difficult times and I loved the illustrations - the illustrations took me away and I've loved them every since.  Today I got a copy of the book and continue to look for the journal.  I burned the old one - thought that would help - it didn't - now I just wish I had all those words.

sigh - what a day!

anyways - love to you - hope your weekend is fantastic - xxoo - ok one more, cause you look like you could use one :)  x

ps. the camera came out with us today - so I will have new photos tonight - hooray - hooray :)  ok- so I'm the only one excited... 

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