Friday, August 19, 2011


Well I took yesterday and today off and have been hanging at home with the guys. We re-decorated/re-organized and the guys now have a play room and shared large bedroom - I wish I'd done this sooner as they love it and now they know what toys they have.  We purged a lot of toys and I wish I had friends in town that I could share them with - I'm thinking we will donate most of them to Sally Ann :)

We retained all of the Rescue Hero stuff because they are cool and then army dudes and star wars stuff - then lots of books, but we are getting rid of a bunch of books too...

I had a few doctors appointments today and another next week so that was fantastic.  Given my girlie issues plus anxiety - well it just sucks right now - sigh. This too will pass.

What's on for plans today?  Well we made rice krispies and we are going to make flourless monster cookies and, pending my mom's arrival, make sweet pickles.  Then with any luck I'm going to make antipasto this weekend and also need to make jam... but we'll see how things go. Oh and if summer decides to make a return we will do more of this...

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