Monday, August 08, 2011

our creek

Beautiful, fantastic summer is finally here and tonight (after Kyle smashed a light in our living room and I finished sweeping, vacuuming and moving and re-sweeping and vacuuming) we took a walk.  Baker Creek is right next to our house and we walked down the creek and then on the trail and then back in the creek.  We found lots of fish and just cooled off - it was very nice! On the disappointing front - some people think that our creeks, rivers, water places are dumping grounds.  We need to take care of our planet and the water that is here - so please - stop throwing your garbage in it!  We picked up bottles, and plastic bags tonight - we could have picked up many garbages worth of crap... and if we had gloves we'd probably have picked up more... but for tonight we picked up a little and then played.

Anyways - fantastic overall and a great place to cool off and enjoy!  

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