Tuesday, August 23, 2011

star date 22082011

So I'm getting ready for bed and I can hear people being shouty on the street.  A little bit more than shouty but it is pouring (another day of that good old Cariboo summer we've been having) and then the fight is brought to my house and someone is slammed against my front door.  Land speed records were set in my living room as I bolted to the phone and thought for a split second about calling the non-emergency line and then call 911... at the same time I flick on all the lights and can not see anyone - then I see a guy in dark clothes, moustache - he actually looked like my uncle (it wasn't him) and he sees me and walks up the street - not running - walks... then I'm on the horn with 911 and going through the details and I'm a little bit (lot) panicky and as we are talking another guy runs by in a different direction.

This sucks.

And now... sleep will be elusive.

Damn it!

Damn assholes!  

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