Monday, August 29, 2011

this morning

So I totally couldn't sleep and got busy this morning...

Bananas - guess what I'm making... 

Yes - it was 6am banana bread

In the pan - ready for some love in the oven :)

And here they are - all finished - just as we needed to get going - it was perfect timing :)

Ok - here I am at 6:30am - sooo tired... me want sleepy :)

How I started my day 


And while this looks like rain on glass it is actually rain drops being caught in a quick shot
Spending a moment enjoying the rain - and we all know what rain means... puddles - so you know what I was doing later on this morning :) 

In the end it worked out pretty well to be up so early - my mom showed up this morning, right at 7am and invited Kyle to Queen Charlotte Island (he keeps calling it Nova Scotia) - they leave in the morning - I can only imagine what he will see and how great a time he will have - I'm jealous - I went to the island for work a few years ago (like 10+ years ago) and fell in love with the island - so beautiful - the beaches were amazing and - sigh - loved it!

 Alright my loves I'm not feeling good - whatever is wrong with me continues to be wrong... hopefully it will all pass - its only been three weeks of this now.

love to you! xo

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