Saturday, August 27, 2011

photos - as promised :)


I've never made these before... or if I have - can't remember the last time (truth be told I kind of think I did make these ages ago and totally messed them out... this was not the case tonight - as you will see)

Here I am - all ready to cook it up! With my fantastic and favourite apron (nice nose, good legs, great body - wine glass on it) - love it!

Ok and then....

Frothy stage 

Getting there...

Time for more sugar

Then beat the crap out of it :) and add vanilla

And voila - finished!

3 egg whites (frothy)
1/4 tsp cream tartar (getting there)
3/4 cup sugar (beat the crap out of it)

Then you add a 1/4 tsp of vanilla

And it will be stiff 

Then you put it in a icing bag and pipe it on sheets (last photo)
And you bake it for 45 minutes at 200 and then turn it and then another 45 minutes at 200

Then turn off the heat, open the door and let it sit in the oven - and it can just sit there for an hour or over night - we took them out after about three hours and holy - they were wicked good!

Ok - and a few more photos...

Pretty flower

My hooters
You laughed - it is funny.

I cut my hand.. this is me pouting via blog - if you can't see it - that's ok - it is so small that I can't believe I took a photo of it - but I'm sharing just the same

Alright my loves - I'm calling it a night - ooxx 


Jen said...

Good job on the meringues! Kisses for your booboo! And, yes, I giggled.

april said...

Thank you, Jen - kisses do help - I'm such a wuss.

Hope you are well - sounds like you've been busy and had a good summer!