Monday, August 08, 2011

the blahs

And because I'm feeling pretty blah tonight with a side of throw-uppy.. I decided to explore more of Carmen's pinterest groups and I now love a new website - Animi Causa Boutique

This has the neatest, funniest stuff... sooo many things that I like!  So many things that I'm trying to figure out how to bring them to my home... plus things that just totally makes me want to open a store and sell this stuff.  A few cool things - sure, I'll share :)

Yes, you can totally change this chair to a new form... amazing...
Ok - it is tooootttaaalllyyyyy tooo much (nearly $5K) but it is cool

A tea steeper - extra cool!

This also costs a fortune.. but I think pinterest is about dreaming and since I'm not feeling great tonight I'm going big on the dreaming :)

I heart this tree!

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