Tuesday, December 27, 2011


My cousin, Tahirih, a brilliant artist (link on her name goes to her "almost daily blog") posted this on Facebook last night and I just wanted to re-share it here... it is something good to help us all when we begin to worry - ok - maybe it is just something for me because I am such a worry wart :)

It is possible to be happy and joyful most of the time. You just have to look at little children and see their natural joy. You may say that little children are free and don't have anything to worry about, but you are free too! You are free to choose worry or to choose joy, and whatever you choose will attract exactly that. Worry attracts more worry. Joy attracts more joy.

Rhonda Byrne


Ok - and - I love the biography on Steve Jobs - I'm hooked - I just want to power read the whole thing - I haven't done much reading in a few weeks and was surprised that I got so taken by the book.  We are also going to read 'Hugo' which I've heard great things about - the guys are interested, but we've yet to start it as we've read a couple of other books - oh, and Kyle is totally power reading his books right now - he is finishing his Beast Quest books in two days or less of bedtime reading... it is great to see him enjoying books :)

And there must be a train accident in the works as the horn is blaring - I mean he is honking the crap out of it ... maybe it is an animal... I know - I should totally be a reporter for the news with that kind of captivating information...


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