Thursday, December 18, 2008


Furious, on fire, mad, upset, stomping, ANGRY!

"Hi... is this April?"


"Hi, I'm the contractor installing the trim in your room, can I stop by to measure the room?"


"Ok, I'll be there in 10 minutes."


Ok - be patient - it is icy and people shouldn't be rushing around
Gives me time to look around... wait a second... what is that?

I look at a foot print on my BRAND NEW carpet from the furnace people... ARG
Um.. hold the phone... what is that?

I look over in the corner of the room and see what looks to be the corner all darkened - almost.... WET!

I actually left the room because I thought I was just mad about the footprint...

No show - still waiting - getting madder - it isn't just his time that is worth money
Walking around the room - I bend down and feel the dark area.... it is WET.
Blood pressure begins to rise

Above the wet spot (about 3 ft long x 2 ft wide... ish) is a new condensation hose they've installed for the new hot water heater - freakin' fabulous... I assume this is the source, but go to the drain they've guided the hose to and see if there is water there - no apparent water - so I call the furnace people.

I remain calm and just note that I'm trying not to lose it since this leak is happening on my BRAND new carpet in my newly near completed room.

"We'll send someone right away..."

Still no trim guy... but what is that - the furnace people are actually here... so quickly... I guess you just have to get stressed about a leak on a two day old thing and they come running.... amazing.

It isn't the furnace - furnace guy, who is not a plumber suggests that it is a clogged drain that just happened to back up - coincidence?

2:05pm Trim guy shows up
"I can do this next week, I'll call on Monday."

(My inside voice notes Monday suggestion and anticipates more like in the new year... note to self - don't hold breath)

2:15pm Trim guy leaves

Furnace guy finishes up and leaves.

2:20pm I call Andy - no answer
2:21pm I call my dad.. "I need help" "What do I do?" I'm basically on the verge of a meltdown and I just try not to cry the whole time on the phone. I know he can hear me breaking - that I've come to the point where I'd just like to beat my head on the wall - he says he'll call me later - but that the drain probably just needs to be snaked - a term I actually know because this isn't my first clogged drain...
2:22pm I have a small cry - because I just can't F'ing believe this project

2:25pm I move the laundry, undo all the water pipes, and cut a little bit bigger hole in the wall to see the problem more clearly.

I spent the next 30 minutes looking for the snake to try the drain...

So now it is night - I'm still upset and have now steam cleaned my BRAND new carpet - so it doesn't smell like dirty smelly water and doesn't leave a big stain... we've snaked the drain to no avail and now Andy has gone to get an attachment to try one of those air pump things to see if that will work...

I'll let you know how it goes...

One more day till vacation... I don't think it can come soon enough.

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Jen said...

Not much I can say to that. Well, the word verification of "ficcants" seems like it might work. But, barring that, I'm sending some virtual hugs your way.