Sunday, December 21, 2008

holidays... well sort of

The plan was to be in holiday mode this weekend but my work schedule changed last week and then with the unfinished room, plus a clogged or frozen washer line I'm pretty much at a standstill on feeling the holiday season.

I need to get to the library and pick up a book - the newest King one I'm reading - well it is short stories so that is nice - but I've read three and only one was really good - but it was good reading, but terrifying and probably something I shouldn't have read.

Tomorrow the trim guy should be here to install and then I can start loading back into the room - and hopefully we can get the drain fixed. I bonked my head something fierce today - I did one of those stupid open the door when your head is in the way moves and clunked my forehead - I thought I was bleeding - turns out it was just the ooze of stupidity leaking out.


Carmen said...

Last week I was getting into my car and bashed my ear on the car door so hard that a) I bent my earring to the point that I am not sure it will ever get back its original shape and b) throught that I broke the cartilage (sp?) in my ear.

Have you ever had to explain a bruised earlobe to a co-worker? And have them not laugh at you?


april said...

Has your ear healed?

My head is still sore... but now I have a hand injury and that is worse... or at least it makes life not so much fun because I forget how sore it really is and then pick something up and then flamin' hell it hurts...

Andy laughs at me all the time for the stupid stuff I run into - so I've definitely be through explaining injuries to someone who will laugh at me