Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Well nothing went terribly wrong with the house today and I watched the Muppets Family Christmas tonight and actually feel a lot more in the spirit of things... hooray! I just need to watch Garfields Christmas and I'll be good to go :)

The tree has all the presents under it and we have a yummy cookie and carrots for the reindeer (2 for Rudolph, "I feel sorry for him Mom, he should get an extra one," said Kyle) I'm looking forward to a nice brunch-ish meal tomorrow, some good old Christmas cartoons and family arriving... We read the Polar Express before bed and I was surprised that that book inspired the film... I mean the book was good - but man the movie had a lot more details and characters... Kyle enjoyed it and was really happy to get the book - he gave me two hugs for it... it was one of those moments...the ones you can reflect on for a lifetime.

Anyway - I'm going to do a few more things and then get to bed and wait for the kids to wake up and see how the living room has changed, good ole' Saint Nick.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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