Friday, December 12, 2008

baby, it's cold outside

This morning it snowed (ok - so my blog is turning into the weather network... so what... ) and then late today it cleared and the wind started up and now it is windy and the sky is clear and it can do nothing but get colder... minus 30 for monday... the upside of that shiny coin is that Monday also represents the start of the five day countdown to my holidays - and Tuesday I'm going to Williams Lake - so that is work - but it isn't in the office - so hooray for that :)

Kyle was sick last night - not fun - so I stayed home for some of this afternoon and Andy and my mom were around today to play with the kids and have some fun while Kyle got better. He was good enough to play outside this afternoon so he wasn't super sick - but definitely not great...

I'm baking tonight - cookies - monster ones (monsters have chocolate candies in them) and I've got some great tins I've collected at clearance sales or garage sales that I'll be using to ship off this week. I don't know how far I'll get with baking tonight - but started nonetheless.

I had this great fun story to share tonight and now it is lost... so sorry about that - I only have the odds and ends of my day to share...

On the reading front - I've started reading Just after sunset - the latest Stephen King short stories novel and so far it is pretty tame - which is shocking to me - but it has made for good reading - with my anxiety this fall I actually didn't want to read King because it made my mind go into overdrive - but I finally gave in and started reading this new one.. so we will see.... I'm hoping to read the follow up book to Pillars of the Earth over the holidays - I really enjoyed Pillars - which surprised me because it wasn't something I thought I would like - and since then (phew - um - about 10 years ago... ) I hoped for a follow up story - Follett delivered and I never read it - so that is one thing I'd like to do.... I'd love to hear what others are reading - or suggest for reading...

On the second Christmas miracle front - the paint is drying in the room and we'll have carpet on Monday - hooray! Then slap up the trim and I'll be able to clean up the basement - just in time for my vacation - giving me lots of time to organize - or at the very least - pretend to organize.

The weekend lies ahead - a little bit of shopping tomorrow and likely more baking and fun with the family.

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