Saturday, December 13, 2008

a gift

So Kyle has been looking for a gift for my mom for a few weeks. About three weekends ago he and I went by ourselves to Farmers' Market Christmas (the best little local Christmas market in the North). There is a lot to look at but he came across a magnet bracelet/necklace table and then found some unique animal jewelry containers. They have little jewels all over them and are child size animals... tough to explain. Anyways I didn't think much of it - and I said we'd come and look at it again. I thought he should look around and see if something else didn't spark his interest. So for the past few weeks I've heard about the dolphin jewelry holder that he needed to get her.

Last weekend we went back to the market and the company wasn't there. He left in tears... so I knew we needed to get it - it meant a lot to him to give her something pretty that also was something he loved - animals. So today we went back to the market and they were there - phew - but... no dolphin. I wasn't really sure what would happen but he decided he wanted to look at all the other animals and pick her a different one.

After some time looking and holding each one he decided on a whale. It is very shiny and will be the shiniest, prettiest animal and quite possibly object in my mom's home. It isn't something I would have picked for her but it means the world to him... I think she is going to look at it and go... um, what? but I'll know (and tell her later) how much it meant to him to give her a gift that he really thought about... and it isn't really about the gift - it is about the love he has for her... I don't think anyone could ask for anything more - love is the most valuable thing.

Well I'm going to finish my christmas cards tonight and then I have a girls christmas party tomorrow morning - hooray.

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