Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas concert

Tonight was the grade one Christmas concert. Good times, good times. Kyle's class was up first and as I should expect from our school - they didn't sing a Christmas song - very disappointing. They sang a song that was like the wheels on the bus except they sang about the instrument they were holding and sang about the sound it made... I mean there are how many christmas songs and they couldn't sing one... not impressed... but Kyle had fun - so whatever - the other problem is that the kids come in - sing their song and leave... they don't even get to see the other classes perform...

Ok - so we stuck around for a few more songs - the next song - Carmen you'll appreciate this from our bar dancing days... was the grade seven class who were doing a dance number... here I'm thinking it would be something fun and festive and merry christmas and fun ... did I mention fun? and so what did my listening ears hear... Cotton Eye - freakin' - Joe - I'm not kidding you - they danced around to cotton eye joe just like we did in university - TRAVESTY! So you can't say merry christmas anymore - WHAT! I call 'stupid' and I call 'shut the hell up!'

So after two none christmas - non traditional anythings I was ready to go - I went with some family friends and they wanted to hear a few more songs... we sat for one more and than I said let's go. We picked up Kyle and that was it - I'm glad my parents didn't stay in town for it - as much as Kyle wanted them there it just wasn't worth them delaying their trip home by three hours for five minutes of a non christmas song... no wonder he can't sing any of the christmas songs... I guess they'll be taking Santa out next... after tonight's non-christmas event I'm actually surprised Kyle's even heard of Santa - and that they wrote Santa letters... it must have nearly killed them to do something that is part of the holiday season!

I'm definitely in need of a good dose of Christmas music, loud singing, smiling faces and fun... I guess I'll have to wait until I'm on holidays and we do it at home.

Christmas-y update - Sleepless in Seattle is on... now if I can watch Christmas Vacation I'll be starting to get in the spirit

Sometimes I wonder why I spend
The lonely nights
Dreaming of a song.
The melody haunts my reverie
And I am once again with you.
When our love was new, and each kiss an inspiration.
But that was long ago, and now my consolation
Is in the stardust of a song.
Beside the garden wall, when stars are bright
You are in my arms
The nightingale tells his fairy tale
Of paradise where roses grew.
Though I dream in vain, in my heart you will remain
My stardust melody
The memory of loves refrain.

oh babe - i miss you so much - it hurts...

man - another great movie...


Carmen said...

Cotton Eyed Joe? At a Christmas concert. Sacriledge.

Songs like that should be saved for an evening at the Cadillac Ranch.

Oh - and it is the Cameron Diaz "The Holdiay" that I have been trying to watch (unsuccessfully) at work the last few days - the only Cameron Diaz movie I actually like...

Jen said...

I was so afraid, heading to Quentin's concert, that we'd have similar issues to you. I was relieved when over the last couple weeks he'd sing "Frosty the Snowman" like he'd been practicing it for the stage. It was not one of the songs that they performed. I was stunned. They put on a play about Christmas vacation instead. Everyone at school needed the break, and were excited about snow, until they got snowed into the school. It did include Santa, however, so it might not have worked for your school's coordinator.

There's nothing even wintery about "Cotton Eyed Joe." The fact they're not even doing winter stuff seems beyond reason.

Educators. What are they thinking?