Friday, December 05, 2008

oh the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down

Here it is - Friday night - and it is still raining... we braved the weather and watched the downtown christmas parade tonight - and before that I shoveled the driveway - so now I can hardly move my arms - it took more than an hour to shovel the driveway - but we had fun - cause the guys helped direct the snow piling and we also tried to make a snowman...

The parade was ok - the kids liked it - but it was raining and we were pretty cold... I usually watch it from my office, but I thought since Andy was in it this year we should be on the street so they could see dad...

Anyway - I'm now watching Kenny vs Spenny - I know I probably shouldn't admit that I watch it - but I do ... I'm not a dedicated fan - but for some reason I'm drawn to watching their crazy antics.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend - I'm hoping the weather breaks overnight; giving our highway people an chance to get the road in good condition so I can drive up to South Quesnel and get some stuff I ordered in. Here's to excellent weekends ahead for all! Hmmmm.... maybe I should be enjoying a glass of wine to warm up - see now that sounds like a good idea!

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