Monday, December 22, 2008


So what's new on the work front? Well I thought I was going to work a fair bit today but it turned into a work on the house day - for the most part - we tried - TRIED - to unclog or de-ice our drain to new avail. We got a boiler with a pressurized steam spray that you funnel into the hole and hope for the best - it was a 2.5 person job to get everything working properly and to keep the water that was going in from coming back and going all over the damned place. This didn't work though - which after three good tries, numerous cursing, a significant bruise to my hand I gave in... I called a plumbing company and they should be here tomorrow - again not holding my breath - since I've heard that before. And as I suspected - no sign of the trim guy - freakin' fabulous...

Outside of that nuisance I did get some work done this afternoon - meetings - and then went to one store to look around for christmas gifts - then gave up because it was so busy. I did go to wally world tonight - but even that wasn't very much fun. The boys went to their aunties house and made a gingerbread house while me and my sister walked around wally world. Lots of people out buying... I'm having a hard time buying stuff this year because I'm really trying to avoid useless stuff.

Are there useful and fun gifts?... I'm on the hunt... while trying to complete nearly all my shopping in town..

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