Thursday, October 07, 2010

ah... cold season - hello

And so Kyle becomes the first to get sick... he isn't too bad - he has a pretty nasty sounding cough - and while this afternoon and early evening he remained upbeat about going to school tomorrow - tonight he is saying he'd rather not... so tomorrow looks like a mom and son day in the office - as Andy and I both work tomorrow - and my one meeting may be cancelled.. well - one of two... but the other one is ok if Kyle is there...

It is turkey weekend - amen - and we bought a 15 lb'er which we'll cook up on Sunday night... I think... quiet this year - we are going to go to PG on Saturday - if Kyle is ok enough to travel - and with any luck get our skates all sharpened this weekend and go skating next week in the evening.

Michael is doing pretty good - he has a runny nose, but he is doing pretty well.

Alright - well the cougher is calling... time to run :)
hugs and smooches and life without colds to you... night

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