Sunday, October 10, 2010


Dog for sale FREE!  To a good home.

Tonight is the last night that I want to pick up destroyed garbage - the dog is insane.  INSANE!
I took the guys to watch Andy play hockey tonight - something I haven't done in years - I left at 8pm - I was home at 9pm and there it was - everything - everywhere.   This is not the first time - he can't control himself - we don't like leaving him at home because he is so crazy.

So that's it - we've had a family meeting and it is time for Max to find a new home.  It sucks - but this is stupid and he deserves a family that can pay more attention to him and we can't keep living like this.

He is fixed, and we've spent a fortune on him but we are just going to give him to whoever wants him.  As long as it is a home where he we will be loved and played with he is yours.  I realize that hearing about him destroying garbage might not be that appealing to someone else but I know he would be a smart dog if someone had more time to give him.  Right now he barely even gets our weekends and gets very little time during the week.

Half pomerian, half maltese - mostly cute - especially when he wants to be.


M said...

Give him to Dad, He would love him so much. Just take him out for the weekend and ``forget`` him lol

If you can hold him until you come to see us we would take him. Roxy totally needs a buddy.

april said...

Well I suggested that to Mom because they had such a good time with him and she doesn't want him... Dad might... she said they might - if we took one of their dogs... so bigger, more needs, all that... so not a great plans for us.. so that's why I'm starting to look at other options for him...