Friday, October 01, 2010

kansas city

Well I definitely felt like Dorothy tonight - what a place - I do feel like I went to another place...
I'm staying with the Marriott and it is wicked - I'm so glad this is the last hotel - it is a studio style so you get a sitting area and... a kitchen and get this... they give you microwavable popcorn - I'm happy.  I love

I was brave tonight and went for a walk - I left nearly three hours ago and just walked back in - I've been trying to assess downtown evening safety and lighting programs, etc.  Cleveland FAILED - they suck at night lights - it is scary and I wouldn't suggest people walk around - Indianapolis - pass - but not with flying colours - they have blocks that are well taken care of and lit and blocks that are creepy and you know it isn't a good idea to go down there... Kansas City - well again - there are blocks that are great and blocks that are definitely not - I walked 25 blocks to go to a jazz club - I got within a block of it - the block had very little light and what's that... oh - look - it is six cops busting some guy - one on the ground, shouting - madness... and so I exited - stage right - and started walking back - I made it about 6 blocks - found a grocery store (a very nice one) and bought some dinner - lame crappy mid-west sushi - which isn't really sushi - but I was hungry and didn't want to sit in a restaurant alone and then walked one more block and could see it was time to stop... so I got a cab and listened to the owner of the cab rip my cabby a new one over the air system - he cursed him out like you wouldn't believe - AWESOME!

What does it look like here... ahhhh - well here are a few pictures...

I got to my hotel right at dusk - so I'll get piles more tomorrow - lots to check out and see... turns out there might be some baseball and nascar in my future.

xxoo - love to you!

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