Saturday, October 23, 2010

a new fav

A new tea shop opened in Quesnel - Steeped - they are right across the street from my office - they have a cute set up and lots of great tea ... and so as a result of them - I have a new favorite tea (ok - my all time fav is never going to change - it is candy cane lane - and they only put it out at christmas... so I stock up for the year when it comes out... )

Kyoto Cherry
This wonderfully flavored organic green tea is created using a traditional Japanese Sencha green tea and flavored with Montmorency cherry and subtle rose. This tea was created to honor "the spirit of the season" in Japan, when the cherry trees are in full bloom, and delicate smells of the new season cherry blossoms float throughout the Kyoto cultural center. The cup is bright emerald green, fresh and smooth, and boasts excellent depth and body. This tea delivers a wildly exotic character!

With a tsp(ish) of honey - it pretty much makes my day :)

Alright - and speaking of tea - I think I'm going to do that and have a bath 

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