Saturday, October 16, 2010

hoover, naw, we named him Max

And tonight - in a new adventure with the dumbest dog ever - after a long week of destroying and eating garbage - the owners of said dog have pretty much "baby" proofed their house now - and so it came with a bit of surprise tonight to see that said little pooch wasn't feeling good.  He lurched and threw up directly on my couch... and what's this... what do we see... a freakin' marble!  He ate a GD'en marble, folks.

And so there is our life - cleaning up throw up from our dog and cat... AWESOME - two hands up!

Tomorrow is the big birthday party - we are going to take them to the farm and play there for the afternoon - come back here for some good old fashion Star Wars cake - woohoo...

Good night my loves - good night :)

Dream no small dreams

Every time I post I go back out and read it and make sure there are no major errors - on this evening I'm sad to report that I also noticed the weather and it says MINUS THREE... and to that my friends, all I have to say is


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