Thursday, October 28, 2010

jam sandwiches

Sodium benzoate
Potassium benzoate

Both of these are preservatives

Both of these are added to jam to increase shelf life

I'm up late and annoyed by a ham commercial - the little girl has a jam sandwich every day because her mom won't make her ham sandwiches because ham has preservatives... but what's that - the company has a product that doesn't have preservatives so now they can have give her ham sandwiches...

What pisses me off is that I'm going to have to pay more for healthy foods that don't have preservatives which is crap!  Don't preservatives cost money - if you give me the raw goods with out the shit in it wouldn't that be cheaper - doesn't that mean one less piece of machinery needs to add stuff and less people are involved in a simplified process and so there is savings and that means the consumer might save something - not a freakin' chance -

Why am I up so late.. well it is bake sale day tomorrow and Kyle wanted werewolf cupcakes... and they took time... and I had to work late tonight... long week here - working nights - and now with my brief vent out I guess I'll try to sleep... I guess.

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