Sunday, October 17, 2010

birthday sunday

Today we took Kyle and a bunch of his buddies to the farm - we left late, then things weren't really as planned and then we got back here just as parents were coming to pick up kids - but the kids had fun and that was all that mattered.  The kids learned about electrified fences, peacocks, tractor rides and more.

We made a Star Wars cake - a ship - it had just enough cake for everyone.  This is great because I hate having piles of cake left over that no one eats.  I've made gigantic cakes in the past and everyone eats a tiny square and then there are piles left over. We also made some more of the Star Wars cookies - and they were a hit...

I'd planned to have my parents around but they arrived at the farm and then left in a few minutes - lucky for me one of the great people I work with came with her son and helped me out all day... it was super helpful!  My parents came back to the house and then hung out while Kyle opened a raft of gifts.  I gotta say that the gift thing bugged me - it was too much.  The kids pretty much get what they want - ok - except chocolate every request... - but there are piles of gifts here - and it makes me think that maybe next year will be different...  what was very cool was seeing Kyle put together a lego project - he struggled and struggled with it and then realized he'd skipped a page and then made this wicked black shark - it is awesome - it is one of the coolest lego products I've seen...  he also got a lego model car (thank you, aunti paula) and I can't wait to see him put that together.

Pictures tomorrow - I've got work to do tonight and I want a bath before I get into that.. oh and did I mention that I'm totally tired and would really just like to go to bed and sleep for more than eight hours in a row...  night night

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