Monday, March 01, 2010

a first for me...

Well tonight we lay our fighting fish 'sushi' also known as 'sush' to rest. As we stood around the toilet bowl sending our little fish on his way to fish heaven Kyle began to sing. That's right my friends, he broke out into song... now what would you sing at a funeral... Irish Blessing (my favorite hymn), Wind beneath my wings, I'll fly away, Angel - not in our house - Kyle bust out into O Canada. We all sang - Michael too - and off sushi went. At the end of the song Kyle, bless his heart, started to cry a little. I think that could possibly be the next Tim Hortons commercial - us all singing O Canada and then pan to me having coffee the next day re-telling the heart felt story... and then I could roll up the rim and win a crappy toyota.

So there is another day in the life in our house... never a dull moment.

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Carmen said...

Damn. This made me smile. Not the poor death of Sushi part, but the fact that your kids are awesome.