Thursday, March 18, 2010

more updates - ok - well not really...

Well we made it home and I'll post pictures... I'm just being lame at the moment and not feeling great, but it will pass.

Dinner tonight - because I know you want to know... well it was a pea shoot and herb lettuce salad with halibut and avocado. Oh and some gailan - think of some beautiful asparagus running into some gorgeous broccoli...

Asparagus sits silently in the corner... ah, but she can see someone coming in, who is it, who? Ah, it is none other than the gorgeous broccoli. She remains still and pretends to pay attention to the conversation at her table, but she is unable to keep her eyes off of him. What is his gardener feeding him to make him look so good?

Broccoli sees the beautiful Asparagus in the corner and makes his way in her direction. This is his chance, finally they can speak. Oh, but the damned Eggplant is making her way over, no, no, no. Fudge. "Hello Eggie." And so a conversation ensues.

What could Broccoli see in Eggplant, thinks Asparagus, what... what on earth.. wait, he is... he is... "hooray" screams the inside voice.

"Hello Asparagus"
"Hello Broccoli"

And these two beautiful vegetables get together and drink some water. They talk about their love of the sun and how much Farmer John does for them and how it is such a wonderful evening.

"The stars are so amazing, I love this time of year."
"Broccoli, did you see that shooting star? You should make a wish."
"Asparagus, I don't need to make any wishes, I have everything I want in this very moment."
"Oh Broccoli."
"Oh Asparagus."

And so Asparagus and Broccoli fall in love, and get it on and we get Gailan. Stem of an asparagus, but sweeter; leaves like those on broccoli, but super edible and then little heads - just like broccoli...

What are pea shoots... aahhhhh - well they are the young top leaves and tips of vines on a pea plant. They have a sweet taste to them, and they are super good for you. Two cups have considerable amounts of Vitamins A, B-6, C, E, and K, folate, thiamin and riboflavin. Where can you get pea shoots? Well I bought a bag from T&T in Richmond - Chinese Supermarket - you can get a giant bag of them for $5 - the only down side is that you need to consume it quickly as they don't last all that long... but they are pretty yummy and good way to mix up the salad show...

And because I'm an ultra geek - I'm going to show you what they look like... because I'm sure you care...

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