Saturday, March 06, 2010


Well this morning I was going to go to work... I didn't... I went for a run instead.

Here I am running across the bridge (you can see our old walking bridge in the background). I did 9.4 km this morning - I was only going to do a 5 km run and then just as I was getting to km 5 I felt like going further - so I told the guys I'd meet them at the rec centre. My knees are not super pleased with me right now... and I had some not so pleasant shin splints earlier - but oh well - I love it - then this afternoon we all went and played hockey in a court near the house - it was great! I just felt alive! I miss hockey sooooo much! I'm hoping we can add hockey in more often... shockingly I didn't take my camera to hockey - so I'll have to load photos from our next experience :)

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