Wednesday, September 21, 2011

monkey see, monkey do

Well my dear friend Carmen, over at My Life in a Nutshell, has started posting a Tuesday feed and I thought I'd follow along - for one week anyway... just for fun and because I didn't really have much else to say - other than I had a kick ass meeting last night followed by some sad news about my aunt passing away. 

And now... 

Today it's Twenty-Six on Tuesday (the alphabet series) (yes - it is Wednesday, but I was busy last night) and thanks to Chelsea for hosting!  (And technically - this is 25 because the L one is missing...)

Age: 34
Bed Size: Queen
Chore that you hate: Don't really have one that I hate... I don't mind chores
Dogs: Not any more
Essential start to your day: Computer
Favorite Color: Red
Gold or Silver: Silver
Height: 5'8"
Instruments you play: Flute, clarinet (a little), oboe (my love), piccolo, learned bassoon but haven't played in years (like 20), a little piano and trying to learn guitar
Job Title: Super sexy economic development officer (no, really - it's on my cards)
Kids: 2 cute ones
Mother’s Name: Rock collector
Nicknames: Ape, ape of the jungle, others that have swears in them :) - ok maybe those aren't nicknames
Overnight hospital stays: I've done a few - two surgeries, plus kids - 6 total nights in the hospital
Pet peevePeople who obsessively use 'like' (not the Facebook one... but that is annoying too) 
Quote from a movie: "What you need is a champion."
Right or left handed: Left
Siblings: Brother (middle) and beautiful younger sister who I get to see in a few days (woohoo)
Time you wake up: between 6 and 7 (sometimes before 6 - depends on the morning)
Underwear: Yes - a little bit of everything
Vegetable you hate: I don't know if I 'hate' any vegetables 
What makes you run late: The kids needing to go to the bathroom as we are trying to run out the door
X-Rays you’ve had: Neck, back, shoulders, left hand, head (jaw/teeth), hips, all kinds of ultrasounds and one CT Scan (liver/kidneys/the downstairs - all that fun stuff)
Yummy food that you make: lots... 
Zoo Animal: I like giraffes and moose - I like learning about all the animals and agree with 'binders' comment that I like zoos when they treat the animals well and it is about awareness

xo - have a great 'hump' day...

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