Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Yesterday I noticed that I wasn't feeling great but it actually felt like allergies, but by 1pm today I sent myself home fearing I might hand out whatever is attacking my system to the rest of my fantastic staff - one of whom is pregnant and I don't want her sick!

Being sick doesn't really mean you get a break though because today was immunization day.  I took Michael for the kindergarten treatment... I love that they think a sticker might make getting jabbed by a needle better.  There are four stations - vision, hearing, dental and immunization.  I know my plan of attack - deal with the worst last.  First we do vision - Michael does the testing so fast they are surprised (totally has my eye sight), hearing - ok when you hear the little sound you put up your hand... good, good,  ok - perfect hearing, dental - so has he been to a dentist before - yes - lots - alright.. well thanks for coming... and then we walk into immunization.  We are smiles, Michael knows what is coming and he isn't happy about it, but - well what are you going to do - he is dealing with it a million times better than Kyle.

Enter the screamer.

You know those kids that scream at everything and anything and really really scream.  This is the kid that arrives and from the moment they sit to the moment they leave it is on.  The poor nurse that's with us looks at us like... wow - this couldn't be going worse right now but we try to laugh and just get through.  Michael cries for a minute once the shot actually happens but he is brave and pulls through - when we left he even went back and thanked the nurse.  Then we went and got slurpees for him and all the after school program kids.

And then I drove myself home and slept. I had alarms set up so that I wouldn't miss picking them up - I didn't have a huge window for sleep - but I squeaked in a few minutes.

It has been a year since Quebec and tonight I was supposed to be boarding a flight to North Carolina.  I backed out of NC though and have a trip to Ontario in a few weeks (and I know I will have amazing photos to share from there... the place I'm staying at is on the river and BEAUTIFUL).  I thought I'd share some Quebec photos this week to celebrate being there last year - Quebec City is beautiful and well worth the visit! So yes, this means that if you haven't been you should - please note that random making out is common in Quebec City and if you don't like that.. well - then maybe I'm telling you to go to the wrong place - I didn't have anyone to make out with and I still had a good time :)

They also make the best chocolate mint martinis! I mean, you really just can't believe how good they are.

Random acts of dancing

Beautiful streets

Good night my loves, sweet dreams - xo

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M said...

You forgot to say that you get to see us soon too which should be the best part of the whole trip lol