Monday, September 26, 2011

definitely not magic monday

I flew out during the wind today from Vancouver to Calgary - lucky me - I passed out in take off and woke up over Calgary where it was equally blustery and bumpy.  We went out to dinner with Carmen (mel and me) and of course I spent time playing with my cute nephew Nicholas who has grown so much and is quite the character - photos tomorrow - I'd share photos tonight but I'm so damned barfy tonight that I've gone and bought gravol and now have it on board and am just waiting for it to kick in and let me rest.  I thought I was getting better and maybe it is just the travel and the lack of proper eating that is causing me the grief... back to the shakes in the morning and some tea... definitely need to find some good tea.

Mel had some cute presents for me when I arrived - so that was great - need to find a dress for the event... turns out the dress that I was planning to wear is too big (hadn't tried it on to check) and I definitely need something that looks nice - so hopefully find something tomorrow.

Alright my loves - good night to you - sleep tight - xxoo 

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