Friday, September 09, 2011


So today was Michael's first day of kindergarten.  We started out with a lot of tears, which is quite unusual for him and he said he just didn't want to go.  It was sad, but I knew he'd love it.  So first - here is the morning pre-kindergarten shot.

I know - that's the photo of a happy kid. I totally laughed - this was the best I could get out of him this morning.

And then.... we get to kindergarten and Michael arrives.  He finds his place and starts colouring and - hooray! And off he goes - on the road to greatness!

Ok - so then after school we celebrated with a tour of the creek and here are our photos...
Yep - somebody loved kindergarten.

"Mom, can I tell you about kindergarten?" (We are walking in the creek.)

Sure, how were things.

"Well mom, we talked about the Fab Five."

So the Beatles was your first lesson - totally should have home schooled you... don't say that out loud.. - what's the Fab Five (please don't say beatles, please don't say beatles)

"The Fab Five are be quiet, eyes on the teacher, hands in your lap, raise your hand for questions and apple crunch."

Right... good apple crunch, babe, what is that?

"Mom (gives me the 'sheesh' face) it's like this..." and he proceeds to sit on the grass cross legged

Oh - you have to sit cross legged.

"Mom, that's what I said."

Right - totally right - I was just hearing things.

The hero of our story - firing rocks into the creek - it was awesome fun!

A giant leaf and that he insisted I photograph.

Me and my kindergartener :) he's sooo cute!

This is no photoshop job - we were walking tonight and found this rock.
No kidding.  

No - I do not have a stub arm.. or a weird boob :)
I totally love this photo though

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