Wednesday, September 14, 2011

burns, cold and life - oh my

First - Quebec :)

This was on the lawn of the art gallery where a special performance was made for all the officers - I got bored though and went outside to take photos and then walked myself the 2 miles home because I didn't feel like waiting for a ride... 

Ceiling art display in gallery

Massive mural in old Quebec - there are many to enjoy

And good old junk highway 

Tonight we tried to burn the house down while I was frying onion rings for the boys - I will likely never do that again - it was stupid hot that the oil instantly burned the onion rings and then I decided to try and deep fry my finger and yeah - that totally sucked.  It will heal and didn't burn as badly as my last burn.  I know - I need silicon wrapped hands in the kitchen.. 

The cold - well I took the afternoon off - sort of - worked from my bed and slept a bit.  Slept through one phone call - so I definitely was conked out for a bit.  Today there was a photo shoot in the office and I was disappointed to not be there but knew everything was in good hands.  I'm heading to a tradeshow tomorrow - or trying to - still have issues with where the guys are going to stay tomorrow night but the weekend is taken care of.   I did manage to squeak in a small run tonight so I'm feeling ok - I wasn't dying during the run and really thought that I could try and sweat this pesky cold out of me.  I may even hit yoga before I hit the road tomorrow.  Ahhhh yoga.  I totally love it now. 

Alright - I think I'm going to try and sleep.  Maybe. Need to get up early and get packing.
xxoo - love to you!

and yes, Mel, you are a highlight of my trip - definitely! Can't wait to see you.

lmao - ok - so there are lots of highlights - Paula & Makena, Carmen (we are sooo tying one on - or at least part of one), the jacuzzi in my fancy suite (YEAH), and maybe some cool stuff that I'll get to take home and have photos to share... woohoo!!!! 

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