Thursday, September 22, 2011


Well I feel like I blew a tire tonight - I've put in a couple of five k's in this week and couldn't generate enough to do more than 3.5 tonight.  sigh.    Enough of that though.

I will share some highlights from parenting - or rather.. low lights..

An open letter from Kyle... (lord)

I'm sorry for calling *lateesha* a swear word.  I'm sorry because it's prollbly (god, can't they teach them how to spell) her hurt feelings.  I will never use f, a, b word (um - holy shit) again.  But (love that he put but) she was calling me things and making fun of me and that's why I said it.

*names changed to protect the innocent/evil

Um - yeah - so f, a, b... really... turns out he called her a bitch - a word I hardly ever use - I mean - I'm guilty for saying the others but I really try not to around them (well most of the time).  And so I bust out a story for Kyle... you see - back in the day in a little room of our house called cold storage (we left all the canning and the freezer - and sadly the place I had sex for the first time - sorry Mel - it's freakin' sad and GOD - I'm such a loser for that... seriously it sucked but whatever - first time, first time.. - ok I'll carry on) and me and my brother were standing in there shouting at each other - we were probably eight and ten - and we were having fun and then one of us says 'bun of a snitch' - really - we didn't curse... but this outburst led to more rallying of close to swears - and maybe we even said it and then the door flew open and my Dad snapped - I mean - F&$#ing snapped - who the hell did we think we were, what the hell did we think we were doing - the wrath of my dad is something NO ONE wants - he came completely unglued - he shouted - how dare we say such things about our mother (son of a bitch... see how that was insulting to mom - except we totally weren't insulting mom) and so we had to apologize and apologize ... probably spent a full day in our rooms without food/water for that routine. (Well I would have spent the day without food or water - Steve started hoarding non-perishable food in his room (top drawer) for just such an occasion and I hadn't figured that out.)

Bottom line - I told Kyle grandpa would be SUPER mad if he heard about this and he'd probably never take you hunting - 'nough said.

And now - I'm going to clean up and pack - I leave for Van pretty quick and want to make sure everything is in order.

Oh - and today's shake of the day - one cup soy, protein powder, 3/4 banana, 1 tbsp peanut butter, 4 ice cubes... it was ok - when I'm craving carbs I turn to a banana with peanut butter on it - I'd probably reduce the peanut butter if I do this in the future.  And now - back to packing.  Totally need two bags - damn near need one for shoes... such a girlie girl now.

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Jen said...

My son has been insisting that his teacher this year (and probably next), who gave him grade 5 words to see if he could handle them - and he can, doesn't care if he can spell the words, just know and use them. I told him that I care and that as a high school teacher, I always care about spelling. *sigh* Not that I think scenery is an easy one for grade 3 to spell, but, you know.

I also had a student ask me today why I don't swear because they all swear so it's fine. *sigh*