Saturday, September 10, 2011

return from haida gwaii

And at 10am this morning Kyle returned... nearly two weeks away from home.  I haven't really heard many stories, but we made sure that he took a journal with him and here are some of the highlights in his journal:

Seriously I just read it for the first time and I gotta say - kind of disappointed - it totally isn't Kyle's handwriting ... it looks like his writing in spots, but it definitely isn't his... anyway - whatever.  The short version is this - he fished, fished, fished and fished and then he collected shells and sea glass (for me) and found fossils on the beach.  He threw up on the boat as they went out in 10 ft swells - dumb - and he barfed over the side.

Ok - I'll vent - what bugs me about him not writing in his journal after we specifically asked him and my parents to supervise is that he needs to improve his writing skills - even if it has errors.  The rock collector (you know who) is famous for doing children's work.... ok - end vent...

Photos..  12 days away and they took 48 photos - more than half of which are blurry - sounds like my trip to Bermuda - well except that I took hundreds of photos but the humidity killed the rolls of film (I know - I'm old - I had and loved film) and I ended up with 12 photos turning out.

I know - he is totally getting big - nine years old in just a few short weeks - :)

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