Wednesday, September 28, 2011

toronto and the 401

On the way into Toronto. It was beautiful.
Then we hit turbulence - again - and it dropped the plane a bit and thought they might ask us to all lean to the left to try and correct the situation.. but the pilots had it all in hand and it was fine...  :) 

We arrived in Toronto and four us carpooled to Peterborough - initially in the sun with rainbows and then in the rain - pretty much the last hour - I'm excited to see this place in daylight.

And here is the 401 - not as bad as I'd expected. It was definitely slow going, but once we got to the outside of the city we cruised along...
Then we saw this beauty - it actually arched across the whole sky. 

More photos tomorrow - hoping to get out for a run in the morning and maybe a walk in the afternoon - depends on how the classes go... and then hopefully a splash of adventure this weekend... 

Note: angry toronto residents - you don't need to be angry - life is too short - just because my luggage happened to be in your way for two seconds doesn't mean that I was trying to hurt you or cause you any more discomfort in your life - I'm sorry that you have to be so angry and feel like you need to take it out on everyone around you... (see how I didn't even curse - I totally wanted to curse one lady out this afternoon but she actually looked like she had enough pain in her life and didn't need more and just needed somewhere to vent... )

Well it is late here and I'm settled into my cute little place - that I will have photos of in daylight - xoxo - love to you.

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