Thursday, September 29, 2011


The view from my fantastic bed and breakfast - living way outside the usual for me. The hotel everyone else is at was booked up months ago and I looked around and finally found this... it is a pretty suite and fantastic.  Angel's Rest Bed & Breakfast - definitely recommend it - it is beautiful and... it has also kept me away from the hotel and I'm actually quite enjoying the peace and quiet - no drinking, no gossiping, no anything... might keep doing this based on this trip... 

Yesterday I did a brief core circuit in Calgary before I took off to Toronto and really wanted to get out and run tonight.  I picked up a trail guide and it seemed very simple.  There was a 5.5 km loop around a lake in the downtown core that actually ran near the place I'm staying at - so off I went... and here are some of the sights...

I like the ducks in this one.

And then there was this fence. I spent enough time looking at the map for the trail today to know that things were really going wrong on my run when I found this fence.  It did not open.  What appears to be a gate on the left hand side of this photo - is not - and so... I climbed it - I crammed my foot into the edges of it and then did a pull up onto the top of those concrete pillars and then tossed myself on the other side - trying not to impale myself on the tops - as they were sharp and pointy.  Oh and this was in a cemetery - yep - you see the entire trail was SUPER poorly signed - the trail I was taking that was in the guide book and seemed popular according to the guide had zero signs but what I knew was that I had to stay on the edge of the lake.  Well the cemetery is on the lake (actually a very beautiful cemetery and yes I can say that with some authority - I've seen three).  It was well treed and the sun hit the area very nicely as I ran threw.  

So what was supposed to be 5.5 turned into 8.2 - which I didn't prepare for - brought no water, no gels, because I'd usually use a gel for that distance... but it all worked out - I don't feel sore at all tonight and just felt really good about getting out to see Peterborough.

The downtown core is nice, lots of interesting shops, lots of brick and beautiful clock tower, they have all the big box stuff too.  The downtown sits just off all the trail networks and it is just a very pretty place, especially now as the leaves are turning and falling.

Well - day two of my course starts in nine hours - so I should probably get some sleep. xo ~ sweet dreams

(Mel - ps - I feel better - thank you for the advise - I think you were absolutely right!)

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