Monday, September 05, 2011


So I'm struggling. I have little interest in spilling my guts online or in any other fashion.  I'm sad, but I'm carrying on even if I feel like I'm going to trip or lose my balance and be crushed underneath the weight of it all.  And so - because this blog was supposed to be about photos - I'm just going to post some photos  because at least I can still do that... I'm imagining that I'll have a lot more photos going forward...  my love to you - xo -

Sunset on the Lost Highway

One of my many many stops along the way
I must have stopped every hour just to take a break
It was really too nice to be in the car yesterday
I actually slept at a pull out - crazy

My favourite rock - located just outside of Clinton BC
The funniest town now in BC... ok it is more because I've
made a joke about it... think of.. you can't spell Calgary without Gary

Beautiful, tiny Makena

Michael - living it up with a cupcake
He is so funny - he eats most of the icing and then says to 
me can you take the icing off, it is gross and then gobbled the
rest of the cake part up - said he needed to eat the gross stuff first
At first I thought he was kidding, but he really meant it

Yummy tomatoes

A conversation immediately following this post:

"Mom - what are we doing today?

Don't know... pretty sure it will include coffee, why?

"Well I think we should go to Vancouver."

Right... I'm listening

"I just want to go and have lunch there"

Insert me trying to explain how far away it is... but in the back of my head I'm actually thinking about it because I'm mental 

"Well I want to go to - " long pause - then he starts getting mad at himself for not remembering where he wants to go... 

"Dairy Queen - nooooo - dang"

I start listing options

"no, no, no, no"

Yep - travelling for food - maybe I'm destined to be a food writer and travel the world taking photos - maybe he and I could have some kind of website with a kids rating and a grown up rating... 

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Carmen said...

I hope things are going okay... I do spill on the internet... but I can totally understand why one would not want to. My thoughts are with you and I hope the struggling ends soon.