Sunday, September 18, 2011

one more day

So I'm heading for a run right now but wanted to update you very briefly.  The tradeshow has been busy - the weather has helped with that.  I did manage to squeak in some time to visit with Paula last night (yeah) and we reminisced about life and how things can sometimes dramatically change in just 11 years (seriously - did I just say 'just' 11 years... getting old...)

It is raining this morning and I'm just going to hit the treadmill and see where I go this morning - I really need a core day, but we'll see.  Sorry about the lack of photos - last night I got lost (how unlike me) on my way back from Langley.  Just took the wrong turn - three times - and then finally found a cross street that I recognized and was able to correct my course.

Our new magazine made it to the show - it is pretty exciting to see it in print - it is also overwhelming to have a project finished and hold it in your hands.  Of course for me there is also the - man I wish I'd designed that a little different, but it is only a few pages that I look at and think that - that's good in a 32 page piece.  All in all it is good, our team did some great work and I'm proud of everyone that contributed to the project.  I'll post a link to the web version next week.

Alright - I'm delaying running - better get going... love to you. xxoxxooo

update - man - that run was killing me - I just wasn't there this morning - took me a mile to get into it - then did another mile and a bit and then biked out two more miles... two hours until I have to stand at the booth for six more hours... yeah! And then I have to clean up - hoping to distribute most of my stuff today - I know I'll be able to hand out the rest of the Quesnel bags and I wisely didn't take all of the new magazines into the show and have been taking in a box as I needed them - so there is really only one large box to pack out plus supplies... and then hit repeat for next weekend when I'm at APEX in Burnaby.

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